Vanguard Software Solutions was created by business owners, for business owners. With the latest technology, experts at the forefront of their field in technological development and real world application opportunities that give big results, Vanguard is your first choice business software provider and developer.

At Vanguard, all of our software solutions are created in house by our innovation team. We use cutting edge technology to bring you advanced, reliable systems and fully integrated tech support. We have multiple projects in the pipeline, and by using Deity you are granted an exclusive first look to all of our applications.


Strong & Stable Software

Vanguard is your first business software solution for bespoke, well-made, secure applications.

Forward Thinkers

Our innovation team listens to businesses – we at Vanguard are problem solvers.

Masters of Technology

All our software is ‘home grown’ so we can provide you with world class support and product knowledge.

Flying High

We are up to date. Our software uses latest cloud technology giving you access whenever, wherever.


At Vanguard, our latest development in the pipeline is our very own accounting program: already implemented by one of our 5 partner companies Titus Accounts and proving to be one of their key software solutions for future success. Utilising cutting edge, completely secure cloud technology never before seen in financial applications, Vanguard has developed highly advanced software that has everything you need to run your business smoothly.

Vanguard is part of the Deity Business Group: 6 companies that provide everything you need to run your business, all in one place.


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